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I don't sell parkrun photos, as parkruns are fun, and free, and I take photos there because I enjoy it. You're welcome to download an image and use it, and if other people see it then it'd be nice if you mentioned that it was me that took it.

If you'd like a high resolution digital image from a parkrun, to get a print from, I'm happy to send it to you. It's not obligatory, but it would be nice if you made a donation to parkrun, instead of paying for the photo.

race photos

I sell high resolution digital images and 3 sizes of photographs as follows: 7" x 5", 9" x 6" and 10" x 8"

If you'd like to buy a photo from any of the races I have photos of, then please e-mail me, and I'll invoice you using PayPal. I don't think that the payment buttons on the photo pages work any more, and frankly, the work involved in updating them all is more trouble than it's worth, bearing in mind that this is a hobby, not a business. If you'd like to buy more than one photograph, or digital image, have a look at the table below for an idea of the likely price before you e-mail me


1 1 photo

2 photos

3 photos

4 photos

5 photos

High Resolution Digital Image






7" x 5" print






9" x 6" print






10" x 8" print






generally a photograph will take 3 to 4 working days to reach you on confirmation of payment, whilst a digital image will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible once payment is confirmed . .

21 June 2015







All the images on this site are low resolution. Up until June 2009 they were free to all, and from time to time since then I still go to races and take photos for fun, and post low res images online. If you would like a high res image of any such photo please contact me and I'll do what I can to supply it.

If you do download any of the images on this site, please let me know. If you ask for permission to use an image I'm unlikely to turn you down. I will request an acknowledgement that they were taken by www theracephotographer com

When I put photos online for sale they will have some kind of watermark on them so that a downloaded image will look a bit daft when out of the context of my website. If you'd like the people who see it realise to that you didn't buy the photo then by all means go ahead. But I think you'll find my prices aren't excessive.

Once you've bought a photo from me, the copyright will remain with me as is always the case in regard to the sale of images. However you will be free to use the photo for whatever purpose you choose, on the understanding that this is for personal use only. As always, if you use it in the public domain I would appreciate an acknowledgement of where the photo came from.

If you would like to buy, or commission, a photograph which will be published in some form or other, be it in a book, magazine, or some form of advertising or other printed or online media, then please contact me and let me know your requirements and I will suggest an appropriate price, bearing in mind where the photo is going to be used.

Having taken photos at an event I am always happy to supply the organisers with a reasonable number of images free of charge for race reports and future promotion, on condition that accreditation is given to me as www theracephotographer com

If you find your photograph on these pages and would like it removed, please e-mail me and let me know and the image will be taken down as soon as possible afterwards.

If you buy a photograph or digital image from me I do not keep your details once the item has been supplied and I certainly do not pass your information on to third parties.

I reserve the right to amend these broad outlines of the use of my photos at any time (that's the small print).








I've been running since 1985, and been a member of several clubs since then as I've relocated from time to time. My pb days are far behind me, the only chance I have of one nowadays being when I find a distance I've not raced before! I've 45 marathons in my legs, almost 100 half's and countless shorter races too, plus a couple of ultras for good measure.

I began taking photos at races in 2002 when I met a group of people I'd come to know in the Runner's World internet Forum at the Dublin Marathon. Several of them remain friends to this day. I thought it would be a shame not to let the others see the photos and so I found a bit of free web space and posted the photos. And I did it again for a couple more running events and soon it became a habit.

Very soon my free web space was too restricting and I needed to grow, and so www richk co uk was born, and in the days before Flickr, people I hadn't met began sending me photos of races I'd never heard of to add to my website, which has continued to grow as time has gone by.

In 2009 I decided to take things to a new level and take photos commercially, and by the end of the year I'd been the *Official Photographer* at 14 races and 1 duathlon, with more lined up for the new year. Whilst I was planning all this I realised that although I was already known to many runners as RichK, I needed to call my web site something that was more obvious, that said what I did, and was simple to remember and so I in the summer of 2009 I became

www theracephotographer com

Since then I've enjoyed taking race photos during the past few years. I've been to some familiar places and to some new ones, seen many old friends and made new ones. I've tried taking photos from different angles and different perspectives, I've had the fun of getting to know a new camera, and I've taken photos at a parkrun in Australia in 2012.

However photography has always only been a hobby. An important one, and a pleasurable one, to be sure, but it's not how I earn my living. As 2012 progressed I wanted more and more to be a runner again. Yes, I'd been running parkruns on many Saturday mornings - and isn't parkrun brilliant! - but I wanted to run further, faster and more often. In October I started a new job, in Bristol, and I've used the opportunity of relocating from Buckinghamshire to draw a line, I've put my cameras down, and I'm a runner again. I'll continue to take photos at Ashton Court parkrun if required, but other than that, I'll be back behind the start line with everyone else, and trying to smile and wave at the photographer.

So thank you everyone for the interest you've shown in my photos, I've enjoyed taking them and it's been a joy to know that so many of them have gone to good homes and are appreciated. I don't intend to take these pages down any time soon so the photos will still be here to enjoy. Thanks to race organisers for giving me the opportunity to come along and record their events, it's been fun being a part of your day. And finally, thank you to my family and friends for all the encouragement . . without you I'd still be trying to figure out how to use my Kodak Instamatic!!

Thank you for visiting these pages



updated December 2014

Many thanks to Mike Warren for this photo of me and Mike Shepherd, about to cross the finish line at Ashton Court parkrun in December 2012

Ant and Sally Bliss of Sussex Sports Photography sold me the photo below, taken at the 2010 Abingdon Marathon, and a former colleague Brian Lewis took the photo beneath, taken of me during the 1986 Bath Half Marathon and which is the oldest photo I have of me running . .