As always the 2010 edition of the CPM Thame 10k was extremely well organised with the one thing that wasn’t quite right being that whoever organised the weather slightly overdid it and ordered way too much heat!


On a lovely day for supporting and spectating, 825 runners of all abilities completed the 10k in scorching conditions, and the fact that they took part at all deserves praise and congratulations.

As usual the two trees below were the focal point for many as they provide just about the only shelter from the blazing sun in the minutes lading up to the race . . although some took advantage of the offer of a pre-race massage and found shelter at the same time . .

Those of us who looked up to the sky were treated at times to the sight of these two beautiful Red Kites playing . .


We'd be lost without the good people from St John's . . and the trophies glisten in the morning sun . .

After the Race, Olympic Gold Medal Rower Greg Searle was there to make sure that a team from race sponsors CPM set off on their way to the company office in Dublin, and soon aftrewards, to present the prizes . .