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it's quite a trek to Race HQ so understandably some people make their way there as soon as they can after finishing . . Clare in the middle photo (on the left) had just used sign language to tell me she thought it was four miles away!!

and it's probably not fair shoving a camera lens in people's faces when they've run 30 miles . . but I did it anyway!

(cente) move over Mr Lineker

not Flanker's knee . . Flanker's knee

Ed on the left there . . dangerously close to an early bath . .

finally, at Race HQ . .

the prizes . .

and the presentation . .

after witnessing the previous presentation you can understand why this fella looks apprehensive!!

it's a long way off the floor . .


and finally, whilst there is no doubt that they receive lots of help from lots of people, if it weren't for

Mark, Sharon and Ed,

we wouldn't all get to have such a great day out . . thanks guys . .