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here's Ben, who whilst you were on your way to Wilmcote, was sprawled out across the towpath . . to be fair he was a lovely dog and very placid, but he did take up a lot of room . .

unlike this critter . . needs a haircut if you ask me!!

then on to Kingswood, where I found *a hill* and got this interesting shot of a wooden bench running . .

and one or two nice sequences of runners coming up the hill . .

still with this ahead of them as they passed me by . .

when you arrived a Bournville there was a nice bright sign to warn you about the crew . .

and this beautiful heron watched the finish for about 30 minutes before disappearing . .

I found this Speckled Wood butterfly (I think it's one of them anyway!) sunbathing beside the canal . .

and I guess this is almost as good as an ice bath!!