When John Ward suffered a heart attack and died on 7th May 2007, fellow Bournville Harrier Mark Lynock wanted to do something to remember his close friend and mentor by. John had been in training for the Comrades race in South Africa, and his last run had been along the canal, and so an ultra race along the same path seemed fitting.

2009 was the 3rd time the event, from the Greenway in Stratford on Avon, to Bournville Railway Station, had been staged. 59 runners set off on the 30 mile challenge, and most of them finished. Alongside them were 25 relay teams, of 3 people, each covering 10 miles. The day had started off overcast, but a little humid, with hardly any breeze at all, not brilliant for running but not too bad either. Later as the miles passed by, the clouds were to disappear and the sun came out and heated things up somewhat.

I can only speak for myself and I had a great day out amongst friends, many old ones and some new. I managed to see the race from 4 places - the start, at Wilmcote, alongside the flight of locks between Kingswood and Lapworth, and at the finish. And also at the winding down and presentation afterwards, of course.

Here's some highlights . .

and finally, whilst there is no doubt that they receive lots of help from lots of people, if it weren't for

Mark, Sharon and Ed,

we wouldn't all get to have such a great day out . . thanks guys . .

and let's remember John Ward as well . .