the 21st edition of the Harlow 10 took place today on a hot sultry morning. Although not the scorching sunny day we experienced last year the conditions made for a hot time for those taking part . .


apart from giving us the opportunity to have a nice morning out, the event also raises much needed funds for St Clare's Hospice . .


but there was something in it for the runners too, in the form of the bottled water and t-shirts waiting for the participants after they'd finished their 10 miles . .


and of course there was cake, although I can't believe they put it out before the race started - unless it was as an incentive, of course!

the First Aid people were there to help if need be . . and the local ATC did a great job helping us all park

regular visitors to these pages know that I like to photo as many animals as possible during an event and I'm afraid that these were the only two I saw throughout the morning . .

but I saw plenty of runners, and everyone, from the very first to last, was running as if they couldn't wait to get back to the finish as soon as possible . . must have been the cake!!!